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We help you to ANALYSE, PLAN, CREATE, EXECUTE and REVIEW methodical competency development, skill enhancement and insights to put your career on the expressway. Use our expert’s insights, 52 week work flow, recommended readings, customised industry reports and interesting web links to enhance your skill sets which will propel you to the next level.

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Recommendations and Testimonials

“Jiten is a very dynamic,smart and go getter and knows what it takes to succeed . A sports person having experience in corporate world gives him insight of all the internal & external world dynamics. My best wishes for his new venture”

Director of a multinational manufacturing company.

“Jiten is an excellent professional with an absolute clarity of mind.
I always found him very positive and bubbling with energy. Fantastic co-ordination skills”
Vice President of a large manufacturing company
“It was pleasure working with Jiten, in the 2 years that we were working on a project for launching new product, His guidance, analytical skills and meticulous planning were instrumental for me to understand, comprehend and almost effortlessly understand the complexities of the business as well as the nuances of working in a large organisation in order to not only get things done but also to ensure the entire team has a buy in into the proposals and the concepts”

Marketing Manager in Heavy Industry

“ As a middle manager working in a large SBU of an engines company, I was quite confused on the road map for furthering my career. Jiten, as a colleague and friend, helped with and went to great lengths to enable me to excel in my appraisals, get the promotions and more importantly enjoy my work and the pressures along with. He also guided me to develop more skills and knowledge which to day is priceless as i work in a different industry working on a larger platform for diverse clients.”

Finance analyst working with a big four consulting firm

“Working with Jiten, helped me understand the importance and sensitivity of the HR function. His views and process driven approach helped me to quickly understand, adapt and execute complex HR policies and systems which not only helped my organisation but also help me me as an individual to truly discover my potential. His guidance & mentoring proved to be turning point of my career”
HR Manager, Manufacturing Industry

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